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Three year Nangthun home retreats April 2013 - June 2016

Dear Yogis and Sangha members,

In our busy world, it seems difficult to find the time between work and family to embark on extensive traditional solitary retreat. This being the case, I would like to offer students the opportunity to make the best use of their precious human birth by doing intensive practice in your own homes. Sessions can be from half an hour to two hours, and can range from one session to four sessions depending on your daily schedule.

During the home retreat, one will need to make commitment to complete the Ngondro foundation practices and the basic Yidam deity practice. By adapting to our circumstances we can accomplish profound transformations through integrating the practice into our daily life.

If your main practice is Ngondro, it is required that you complete the recitation of 100,000 each of:
a) Refuge prayer/prostration
b) Bodhicitta prayer
c) Vajrasattva
d) Mandala offerings
e) Guru Yoga.

If your practice is Tārā, Chakrasamvara, Hevajra , Vajrakilaya and Vajrayogini, you need to complete the recitation of 400,000 of the deity's mantras.

For those who can do four sessions per day, you can adjust somewhat to the similar schedule listed below:

Morning sessions:
1) 5 AM to 6A.M

2) 6:30 AM to 7:30 AM

Evening sessions:
3) 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

4) 8PM to 9PM

The schedule can be modified depending on one’s availability. Once you begin your retreat, you will need to keep up with the practice each day until you accomplish the number of recitations you set out to do. Please contact Sakya Center if you are interested in progressing on the path through home retreat.